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Laela Jeyne Summer Collection Blog Tour

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In our house we barely understand the word “blog” never mind “blog tour”. So when I was asked by Cassie from Pearberry Lane if I would like to take part in a blog tour I knew I wanted to, but was instantly unsure about what I was doing. And I could tell my husband knew he should be excited for me, but the glazed look when I told him probably just mirrored my own. I mean, I had an idea what it was, but wasn’t sure about the behind the scenes for the different tours I’ve followed. Is it planned for months? Do only the elite bloggers take part? What kind of rules apply? I think I’ve learned that I often overthink things.

This is my first time sewing up patterns for Laela Jeyne though definitely not the first time I’ve come across these patterns. There’s a pair of Moto Jeans that I’ve been eyeing!! Someday… But for today, I have a couple of the new patterns to share with you along with one previously released one. And I think my newbie status with this company gave me a fresh look on these patterns and how they come together for someone who hasn’t tried them before. A big thank you for the patterns that I was given for this tour!

*I have affiliate links in this post. Any time you purchase a pattern using one of the links you are helping me purchase the Moto Jeans pattern!! Because someday I WILL make myself a pair of pants.


My first choice from the new summer collection was something for me. I’ve been inspired by the online sewing community to do a little more sewing for myself and especially in the area of wovens. That made the Lily Blouse a perfect option for me.

Here are the different options I had to choose from:

  • Sleeveless, short sleeve, or long sleeve
  • Collar or bias bound neckline
  • Gathered front or A-line silhouette

I choose gathered front, sleeveless, and with a collar. I was excited for the high neckline (once I realized that “collar” didn’t mean “peter pan collar”) and I LOVE the cut of the tank. I find it more flattering for the structure of my arms/shoulders. Not really bra-strap friendly, but these days showing off the straps is totally fine. Or just use the good old strapless ones.


Thankfully I received some great help from Marisa of Laela Jeyne Patterns when I was unsure about the size to cut out. I tend to be very skeptical when reading size charts. I feel like ending up with a too-small garment is way worse than a baggy one so I aim higher in the sizing. The Lily Blouse size chart comes with measurements for different bra cup sizes. And here’s some vulnerability for you. I’ve been reading along with the other bloggers in this tour and there’s this excitement for the bra cup option in these patterns and I’m sitting here feeling quite inadequate. Don’t worry, I won’t sit and wallow in it, but it’s real.  I haven’t seen anything like this type of size chart before and I have to admit, I’m still confused. I was so confused that before I started cutting I decided to ask for some help. Turns out that I was about to cut a cup size and overall size too big. I’m really appreciative of the help, but one of these days I’d still like to wrap my brain around how to read that size chart. Simply something I’m not used to and I’ll attribute that to being self-taught in all areas of sewing adult clothing.

Like I mentioned already, I really, really love a high collar like this. And I feel like it fits and sits pretty perfectly. Let’s go with some more vulnerability or “showing off my shortcomings” here. Adapting to the picture style and overall instruction style of this pattern line is one area that I really felt my newbie status with Laela Jeyne. I am definitely not new to sewing and have sewn many a zipper. However, putting this one in almost made me cry and I wish I was joking. I missed one small sentence in the instructions and I was done for. It took forever for me to find my problem and fix it. This pattern is listed as beginner friendly and for everything besides the zipper, I agree, but if you are a beginner you might want to have some sewing friends on speed-dial for that section. Or simply consider this your warning to watch the steps real close in that area. Don’t just follow pictures! 🙂 That said, sometimes it helps to be a beginner because you tend to pay better attention and not just assume you know a step already. Right?

The only other adjustment I ended up making was to take in the sides about 3/4″. I found it a bit wide and I really liked the difference. I, however, did take a bit too much even though I had tried it on before trimming. I’ll probably let it back out a smidge. You can see it’s pulling just a bit. Partly because of how I’m standing, but still.


Just a quick note to say my oldest daughter was my photographer for the pics of just me. We were running out between rainfalls so any time to be spent on getting detail shots was long forgotten. I think she did a pretty good job considering all circumstances!

Just after these shots of myself we ended up running down a muddy hill to get into the car before my camera got wrecked and we got soaked. Did you notice the heels? Yeah, those are not running shoes. And, for the record, yes, I do realize those aren’t great for long walks through the forest either. I was able to somehow get them off and fly to the car. All pics after this you can see the hair is starting to look a little limp.



My second choice for this tour was the Rosie Circle Skirt for girls. Since making this, my older daughter has asked for a matching outfit. They both love this. I’ve had this cherry knit in my stash for YEARS and, unfortunately, when I took it out to use I noticed that the cherries have transferred a bit. Oh well, it hides among all the cherries anyway. And the peanut butter that was wiped all over this at the supper table…. She used to be so good at using napkins!!

The options for the Rosie Skirt are quite simple.

  • Knit with elastic waistband or simple knit waistband
  • Woven with zippered waistband
  • Full, half or quarter circle width
  • Knee or maxi length

I chose the knit skirt with elastic waistband * in the half circle knee length version.

* I originally made the skirt with the simple knit waistband and then very quickly found that the knit has zero recovery which meant needing to add some elastic. Instead of taking it apart completely and following the specific instruction for the elastic, I just opened up a bit of my serged seam and slid the elastic in casing style. Because of that I can’t speak to the instructions on adding the elastic.


This skirt is ridiculously easy! Such a great pattern for those just starting out with sewing. I did shorten the skirt from the pattern length. I had cut the pattern and when my daughter tried it on it hit a bit too low so I trimmed off about 2 inches.

For the hemming process I decided to use my own tried and true method instead of the Wonder Tape. I basted a stitch around the hemline with a 1/2″ seam allowance and then ironed it along my stitch line before taking it to the serger for the final sewing. I love this method for hemming knit circle skirts. No more unsightly little corners in my curved hem.


Some of you might be thinking this sounds like a great idea for a skirt for yourself and you would be in luck! Part of this summer collection does include a Ladies Rose Skirt. You’ll find it showcased in a few of the other blogs in the tour. (Full schedule at the bottom of this post.)

To go along with the skirt, Cassie sent me the already loved Emmy T-shirt pattern and now I get to love it too. There was no question that I wanted to do a short sleeved hoodie. For fun I added a bit of the cherry fabric around the hood. It was probably because after doing a skirt and a shirt with all one fabric I was going through withdrawal. I am a girl that loves combining fabrics. The beautiful pink knit fabric is incredibly soft, but quite thin. This is where I really should have used some Wonder Tape for that hemming. It didn’t have enough structure/weight to slide through my serger nicely so the hem isn’t as pretty as I would like. I realized this literally as I finished. There’s no way I was going to pick out that many serged stitches. It is just fine and I will just try to remember next time!



Poor girl, we were getting eaten alive by mosquitos. They have been the worst I’ve ever seen in our little town. Our sand flies usually get all the attention, but not this year! The sheltered path didn’t have enough wind to keep them away.

And that is what I have for you today! If you haven’t already been following along with the other talented ladies on this tour here’s a quick list of everyone. I’ve already mentioned the Ladies Rose Skirt, but there’s more in this Summer Collection! A knit top for women and swimsuits for both girls and women. You can match, if you like that sort of thing. Enjoy everyone’s makes and thanks for looking at mine!


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31 thoughts on “Laela Jeyne Summer Collection Blog Tour

  1. I loved reading all your thoughts. The blog tour thing is definitely for all the ranges of bloggers. 🙂 You fit in perfectly.

    I love the color of your Lily. It is beautiful. I too am learning to ready the size chart with multiple bust sizes included. I had to ask Marisa what size to sew. 🙂

    Your Rosie and Emmy look is adorable. I don’t know that I would have thought to put a hood on the short sleeves. It looks so fun.

    Thanks for joining. I hope you enjoyed it.


  2. I love your top – so simple, but gorgeous and elegant! I have been inspired to make myself one, too! Your daughter – she couldn’t be any cuter, and the dress and top are absolutely adorable! Great job!


  3. Sherri, you have a beautiful figure. Not to be creeper but I’ve totally been impressed with your awesome toned arms on IG. This short really showcases your figure! I will have to give the Dahlia a try, too.


    1. LOL! I swear you make me laugh no matter what you say! And my arms are my one area I don’t love!! Isn’t that the weird thing about us women? But thanks. Creeping that comes with such compliments should be allowed 🙂


  4. I really liked reading your thoughts on these patterns. Your daughter is very good at being a photographer!
    The little bit of matching trim on the shirt is a great way to be matching, without making it super obvious. I love all of these.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Your heels *wow* I just can’t any longer. Your Lily blouse is gorgeous it looks amazing with jeans but I can see if being perfect paired with dressier pants as well. I love the cut on you. I think I need to try this one out. Great job on your photos too!


  6. I really love the look of the Lily with a gathered front! And seriously, when you’re fabulous, you can totally rock a hike in the woods with heels on. :)! My daughter wants a Rosie with cherries after seeing your little girl’s so we’re going to be on the hunt for some fabric with cherries on it for her! Lovely work!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. The color of your top is gorgeous! The high collar gives it such an elegant feel.
    I really love the bit of cherry fabric around the hood of the shirt to tie it in with the skirt- that whole outfit is darling!

    Liked by 1 person

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