So this is about me, Sherri. I grew up on a chicken farm in southern Manitoba and I’m scared of birds. I’m the oldest of 5 and our family was one of the smaller ones. Now I’m married and have 2 girls and have moved to northern Manitoba. My husband is from Guatemala and we have property there and hope to start building on it soon. The plan is to build big enough that our friends have room to come and vacation with us.IMG_1286-5.jpg

I love to sew and I especially love to put my own twist on a pattern. In fact, it’s very hard for me to follow a pattern exactly. My inspiration comes from where I live. No, it’s not anything deep like inspiration normally is. I live far north. The closest fabric store to me is hours away so when I sew, I am most often forced to think about what I have and how I can make it work. Sometimes that means looking through my own closet to cut up other clothes for the fabric.

And I love cheesecake. I’m on a mission to make the perfect cheesecake. That wonderful creamy consistency and maybe even one without a crack in the top!!

Oh and Sofiona! When my second daughter was born we were visiting family and one of my nephews couldn’t quite remember either of my girls names so he mashed them together and I loved it.