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It’s the Piper by Sew Sweet Patterns

Today I'm sharing my first pattern test for Sew Sweet Patterns and I'm telling you, it feels so good to be blogging about sewing after long weeks away from home! I've been nonexistent on this blog and busy over at Twinnebago Travels where I'll be a few more times yet. But for now it's time… Continue reading It’s the Piper by Sew Sweet Patterns

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It’s Summertime! Time for Swimsuits!

I have a couple new sews to show you today! Are you totally shocked that it's from Simple Life Pattern co.?? Not if you know me and my sewing addiction with SLPco patterns. I'm going to take a quick moment to rave about the company before showing you the new patterns. Just quick. I promise… Continue reading It’s Summertime! Time for Swimsuits!