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No Twist Elastic Waistband Tutorial

Right off the bat, if you've just made your way over here from the Simple Life website, you've already read a bunch and I know how the day goes. There's not enough time to keep up. But you don't want to miss out on a giveaway either! (GIVEAWAY CLOSED) So pin this for future reference,… Continue reading No Twist Elastic Waistband Tutorial

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Colour Run 2017 with a Tutorial and a Giveaway!

Here I am, pretty excited about the idea of doing both my first tutorial and my first giveaway. However, as I've been preparing this I'm realizing that there's really no way to do this short and sweet. Tutorials take up some time and space, eh? So, if you need to run and do some laundry… Continue reading Colour Run 2017 with a Tutorial and a Giveaway!