From the Beginning

So, as I sit here typing I’m wondering if I should rather jump up and do something else with my time. And such would be the thoughts that circle my brain every time I think “maybe today I’ll start that blog”. I’ve had these thoughts for years. Yup, years. I’ve often thought I’d love to start one, but seem to have a hard time deciding if the time is right. PLUS! People! I have no idea how to be short and sweet. I mean, I’m short and sometimes I can even be sweet, but when it comes to writing it just goes on and on!!

Why don’t I just start? I’ll tell a bit about what has brought me to this place.

I’ve been sewing for years. As long as I can remember. And just like I often read on other blogs, the real sewing bug hit once I had kids to sew for. It’s so fun to sew for my girls! Not to mention it’s a whole lot easier than sewing for me where I’m worried about how to fit the adult body. It’s not like I can quickly try it on first to see if it will suit me!

Once my daughters were born I decided to try some PDF  patterns that I found on Etsy. This was the first time I’d ever used a PDF pattern and besides feeling like way too much paper just went through my printer, I really liked that I didn’t have to find a store to go search through patterns. It was amazing I could buy a pattern and 2 minutes later start on my project.

Blog (9 of 9).jpg
A hack of one of the first PDF patterns I bought.

Somehow my friend, Trish, was roped into sewing with me. We oohed and aaahed over all sorts of patterns and quickly found out how to order fabric on Etsy. That is simply WAY too easy!! Every November our town library hosts a Christmas Bazaar. Trish and I decided to sew up a bunch of things and set up a table at the Bazaar. We soon found that people did love what we were sewing, but too often wanted it in a different size than we had made. Still, a passion was forming and together we spent the next few years taking orders and making outfits for those around us. The photography was appalling by most standards, but our kids were cute and that was good enough. To be clear, they still are super cute!

Blog (4 of 9).jpg
One of many tulle dresses and skirts that Trish and I made. I loved decorating these and making each one unique. But, man, that tulle does a number on dry hands!! Ouch!

Fast forward a bit and, well, everyone needs a break. Trish kept having babies… HAHA… and I sorta ducked out of sight taking orders on the side, but not really wanting to put it out there. I was finding that I had so many things I wanted to make for my own girls, but never had time in amongst the sewing for everyone else. Slowly I learned how to say no. I spent a few years taking on more challenging projects for myself and the girls and my abilities and confidence went up.

I started making the girls their winter coats and the crocheted scarf is also mami made.


Enter Project Run & Play.

One day searching for ideas on Pinterest I came across someone’s pin that introduced me to the children’s clothing competition. I’m a huge fan of the TV version so immediately I was interested in this. I followed a few seasons and always wondered if I could possibly do what these ladies were doing. I tried to enter the sew along one time but found that I had no idea how to do it and it appeared it was just for people with blogs so I gave up and decided to just watch.

That changed a few months ago when the notice went out that another season was going to start and they announced the 4 themes and the dates. My eyes for sure lit up when I realized that I had all I needed to participate! Those who know how remote I live will know that’s a pretty big deal. I loved each theme (and knew what they were about unlike the season they did Cosplay ?????? What the??) and was certain my fabric stash was going to serve me well. Only problem was how to enter and  I found out I just needed an Instagram account. That was it!! I made the commitment to try it out and see if I could play with the big girls.

My entries for Project Run and Play Season 13

At first I opened my IG account and put a few pics of my work in progress. Friends and family get curious and immediately started following me. I admit I felt guilty!! I know! That’s weird. But I felt like perhaps they were hoping for regular pictures of my life and my kids and all I threw out there were pics of my fabric and sewing machines….. I felt like maybe it seemed like I was playing a trick of luring them in. But I needed to get over that and I’m pretty sure they’ve all figured out what that account is for now. And they still love me.

Anyway, back to the contest. I was so freakin’ excited to finally take part! Each week I would keep an eye on all the entries and make sure to look them all up. After all, I hoped they would check mine out as well, right? Competition was steep and I never knew if I could actually win. Then the final week came up and I was out of the country for Spring Break. I didn’t have proper internet access so I felt out of the loop. We arrived back in Canada the Monday of final winner announcements. I was downstairs at our friends’ house where we were staying for night quickly checking the website before going to bed. All of a sudden I realize I’m looking at my own daughter’s picture!! (Click here and scroll down to see for yourselves.)  I ran, like for real ran, up the stairs waving my phone at everyone all excited. My dear friend, Lisa, got all emotional with me cuz she’s just kinda amazing like that. She knows just how to celebrate with a person over their achievements. I had actually won the sew along for that week!! I was so pumped over it.

Since then I feel like things have escalated a bit. I could write what all has happened since then, but then I wouldn’t have other blog posts to write about. And Lord knows, this has gotten wordy, as will be per usual. Time to move on and see what else I need to do with this blog to make it an official thing. (This stuff is confusing!)

That’s that! My very first blog post. Congratulations if you’ve read all the way to this point! And stay tuned for more. I got lots in my head to chat about!!

4 thoughts on “From the Beginning

  1. Hooray for your new blog! I read to the end. I’m glad you are inspired and have a passion for sewing. Your work is beautiful and whimsical all at the same time. Love it!


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