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Baby Jaimesyn Beauty

When the tester call for this little dress from Simple Life Pattern Company came out I immediately put it out of my mind since my girls are clearly too old for this size range. And then a day before the fit pictures were due I ran across the post on FB once again and remembered that I had a little sweetie just down the street and I knew her mama would love a dress for her. Once again this strange inner “love” of panic sewing came over me and I knew I could do it! I lucked out because they still needed some testers and I quickly pulled out the sheets I use for testing and got to work.

So let me introduce to you the Baby Jaimesyn dress for sizes newborn to 18-24 months. You will want to go find this pattern and here is link to take you to it!!! There are a few different options for you to choose from. Ruffles or no ruffles. You could do piping instead! Pockets or no pockets. If you decide against the pockets there’s a beautiful pleated skirt option. The back can be either a full back or V. Long sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves! There’s enough options to make a few different dresses which is great for those of you with girls that you like to coordinate but not match exactly. (That was totally my sister and I growing up. Same pair of Christmas shoes, but hers were glossy and mine were matte.)

Of course, if you did want to do matching outfits for girls of different sizes, you probably need bigger sizes than for babies and 2 yr olds, right? No worries. This dress is available as well for sizes 2T – 12 as well. Here is the where you can find that pattern.


I chose (with a little consultation with the mama) to do the sleeveless dress with the ruffles and V-back. And though babies have no serious need for pockets, these Jamiesyn pockets are really a highlight of this pattern so why not?! Being that this is a tester dress I was challenged with sticking to the pattern so what you see is true to the pattern.

She’s almost using the pockets!!

This chica was NOT interested in having her picture taken this day, but can you tell?? Nope. I couldn’t believe how well these turned out for someone who cried whenever the camera moved away from my face. But when your parents are both photographers perhaps that’s just how it goes. I’d say we got some stunning photos out of it.

Professional photographers will see the flaws in this picture. (It was ridiculously underexposed.) But this face was so cute I edited this as much as I could so we could see her cute face.

The fabric for the dress is all Art Gallery Fabric. The pink was leftover from my florals dress that you can see here and the rest is all from a recent order from Jessie at Little Feather who just happens to have the BEST customer service and incredible fabric selection. I can’t say enough how she impressed me. The skirt is from the LillyBelle collection by Bari J and the yellow beehives are from the Sweet as Honey collection by Bonnie Christine. She also designed the Wonderful Things collection that the pink fabric comes from.

I decided on a lace detail along the pocket which was really a great excuse to use some new trim I got from Francy Nancy Boutique on Etsy and I did play with the gathering a bit on the side so that the pocket would line up with the side bodice. That was the only place I strayed and I wouldn’t really call that straying too far.






Side story. While trying to take this simple picture of a dress on a hanger you can only imagine the behind the scenes. The looks of complete exhaustion on my daughters’ faces while one was holding the hanger and the other the blanket behind it. You would think I was putting them through some strange torture. One seemed to think this was some intense Ninja Warrior style activity sapping her of all human strength as that blanket became 1000 lbs. It went down and up and down and up as she attempted to hold her arms up for a whole 30 seconds. The other was twisting that hanger around as if her hand was having some sort of attack. Of course, me, being a normal mom eventually freaked out in some sort of attack of my own and “picture taking time with mom” was once again checked off as “let’s never do that again”. Until next time.

Remember I said this little girl has photographer parents?? Well, I just have to share a little bit of that talent on here. I am more than just a little proud to say that this is where I live. This is where we call home.  Not everyone gets to see this kind of beauty. You should probably go take a look at Tony’s website here. But first, a little peek.


This particular pictures is one of my favourites because it combines the natural beauty of our home and has the power lines and dam in the back which is the reason we live where we do.

And that’s all for now. Remember to go check out this pattern for yourself. It’s worth it!

Affiliate links are used in this post, but I have no choice but to speak how I truly feel!

5 thoughts on “Baby Jaimesyn Beauty

  1. That is so cute! I love the trim along the pockets- and the adorable little baby in it!
    And wow, your friend takes some gorgeous photos! Seeing those lights in person is on the list of things I want to do someday.


  2. Wow, you are lucky living where you are! It must give such a thrill every time you see those lights. It’s winter here in Australia but where I live it’s so mild right now it was 22 degrees inside the house this morning with no heating at all.


    1. I’ll be honest, I usually miss the best light shows because I’m either in bed or in my basement sewing! But when I do, yes, they are beautiful! I love where I live.


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