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It’s the Piper by Sew Sweet Patterns

Today I’m sharing my first pattern test for Sew Sweet Patterns and I’m telling you, it feels so good to be blogging about sewing after long weeks away from home! I’ve been nonexistent on this blog and busy over at Twinnebago Travels where I’ll be a few more times yet. But for now it’s time to venture back on here. I miss it!

Quite awhile ago now I came across a tester call from Sew Sweet for the bigger girls sizes. My oldest fits into that range so I applied. The Piper top/dress was the one being tested at the time and I offered to do it.

I was a bit nervous about this one at first. I wasn’t sure it was really my style. And I was also completely out of the appropriate fabric. This pattern is best with a nicely draping fabric and I didn’t have any (that wasn’t already spoken for). If you know my story you know my fabric store is a mere 12 hr drive away so where does a person look next? In your closet!

I cut this fabric from what was once a dress of mine that I never wore. It was a weird style for me. One that I knew was weird for me, but I thought if I just tried it I could learn to love it. Not so. It was not good. Not good at all. So I cut into it, sewed up this top and realized that not only is that fabric really beautiful in a different creation, but I also actually really like the Piper top!


This pattern comes in a dress, shirt and crop shirt and in my recent travels I’ve come to realize that this is definitely on trend with the off the shoulder appeal. It comes together very quickly and easily. Just be sure you have elastic on hand!



One thing you need to know about this particular picture of the back is that the seam is NOT part of the pattern!! That just happens to be the original seam from the dress this came from. I had no way around it. Besides that there have been a few tweaks since testing, but you definitely get the picture.

Check out the link to see more in lots of Cotton + Steel beauty and I do believe it’s still on sale so hurry!



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