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My Intro Day: A Little Expanded

I like to share extra little stories about my life. This is how we get to know each other, right? So this is for those of you that like a little behind the scenes “who really is this person?” kind of stuff. It’s a random story about my first task as a contestant for Season 14 Project Run and Play.

To start out this adventure I had to send the lovely ladies that are the hard workers behind this competition a head shot of myself as well as a little bio. This is that little snippet. What you can’t see in those intros is how hard it is to write some witty and endearing paragraph and find a picture of myself that I actually like!

So, this is me searching for a head shot. It’s like trying to find a good picture of my youngest. People, to get to know the real me is to find out that I have very few pictures of myself that I am proud of! And let’s wait a few years and see how proud this chica is going to be of this winner of a photo!!


So I went looking….


Too “in your face”? My girls LOVE taking pictures of what I look like when I come to take my camera back from them. I’ve started giving them a little extra pizzaz.


Too windswept? Or 80’s hairspray?? This is from a test I did months ago that I’m still waiting for release date for. Hanging on to this beauty!!


Too staged?


Too “froo-froo”? My arms will NEVER be that scrawny!

Yes, these are actual pictures in my files when I go looking. You can thank my husband for those last two. I am, shall we say, not a fan of birds… Really don’t like them. But I very bravely let a parrot sit on my head when on a hot holiday. I thought we lost the pics and was all irritated so he sends me an email one day saying he found them and sent me a whole bunch of these. So helpful. I really thought he had found them!

I did eventually settle on a somewhat reasonable one. But I had a lot of fun looking first. This was just a very small selection of ridiculous photos.

Anyway, you have other things to do. I’m going to hope we get to meet more often. In fact, I’m tempted to beg. I really, really want to show you all the makes I’ve gathered for this season! So go mark next Tuesday on your calendar (October 17, 2017) and be sure to vote!

3 thoughts on “My Intro Day: A Little Expanded

  1. Oh, I understand!!! My usual picture is from 8 years ago so I actually stopped at my sister’s workplace so she could snap a few for PRP on her lunchbreak since I was on my way home and already had makeup and decent clothes on. It felt so awkward!

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