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The Aria Dress

This week Simple Life has released 3 knit patterns for us to enjoy. I’m here to share my version of the Aria Bow Back top and dress.


My plans since Christmas were to focus on my own sewing, but then I saw this test show up and well, plans change. I’m specifically building up my oldest daughter’s wardrobe, or at least I’m trying to. I’ve been out of luck with some size charts out there, but aren’t I happy to know that this outfit actually fits the daughter it was intended for!!

This girlie is almost fully into the stage of bras so this changes how I look at patterns. The coverage needs to be different. Open backs aren’t always an option now. Thankfully, this dress has the super cute bows while giving her the coverage she needs.


So let’s talk options. Here is what the Aria pattern has for you:

  • Bow back or simple (no bows) back
  • The bow back can be made with a low panel or a high panel (think “skin shows or not between the bows”)
  • MANY sleeve choices! Fitted or gathered at the shoulder. Tank, flutter, short, 3/4, long and even a combination of flutter with a sleeve!
  • Circle or gathered skirt
  • Ruffle or simple hem
  • Top or dress

That’s quite a bit, right? This is what you see on my version…. Dress, bow back, modest/high panel, 3/4 gathered sleeve, circle skirt with ruffle hem.


I need to talk about the fabric just quickly. I’ve had this particular combo in my mind for months. Except it was supposed to be for ME!! This double brushed poly for the skirt is just SO soft and I love how it looks with the black and white striped liverpool knit. Both of these are from Cali Fabrics. The bows I was able to get out of some scraps of stretch faux leather. As usual, I love adding a little leather touch and the bows were the perfect place for it.


What do you think? Would you like to make one? Would you like to know that one of the other patterns released is bow leggings? Yup, they go perfectly with this. They’re called Tiffany’s Bow and Ruffle Leggings. Lastly, the 3rd pattern, the Baby Aria Bow Back Dress. All this beautiful goodness, but for those cute tiny people in your life. If you want them all, they are available in a bundle here.

For the release week the individual patterns are 20% off and the bundle is 25% off. It’s a good time to grab these. They are SURE to be Simple Life hits.

These link are affiliate links. Feel free to use them and know that your cost is not affected at all.


Before I go, I should mention the twirl factor. It’s pretty amazing! My daughter doesn’t hide it when she loves something and this dress was worn a few days in a row. It’s cute, it’s comfortable, it’s a hit.


2 thoughts on “The Aria Dress

  1. (But I don’t want my daughter to grow up and wear a bra!!!!! Waaaaa!!!) Sherri, your daughter is beautiful and this dress is amazing. Now I want all the flowers and stripes. And the bows are just the right amount of edgy. I LOVE everything about this dress.


    1. I know!! It’s this feeling of “Please no!!!!” and yet I’m loving seeing her grow up. She hasn’t learned to feel embarrassed around me yet and maybe I’ll luck out and she won’t. For now I get to have the fun of hearing her thoughts on growing up.

      And, thanks, I do love this combo so much.


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