Rocky Shore Tights

The journey for these tights actually started almost 5 months ago when we set out to draft a really well fitting basic legging shape.  We have a bit of a “thing” about saggy bum tights and really wanted to be able to offer a product that didn’t do that!

Other higher priority patterns came along, pushing these to the back burner, but as our pattern collection grew to include various tunics/tops we knew we wanted to pull them back out so we could offer a great option for full outfits.

These tights include 2 different waistband options.  The first one is a fold over elastic band (a personal favourite method of ours for adding elastic waistbands to pants/leggings).

Bridget Allred - A45341CB-FDA6-46F8-B6D3-537EEEBBE9B2
Apparently some of our testers kids are pretty good at folding over too! Photo: Bridget @positively_bridget


Kimberley Waddell - Rocky5
Photo: Kim @mk_waddell

The second waistband option is a crossed over yoga band.  We wanted to change it up a bit from a regular yoga band and really like the final look of this style! Plus, as an added bonus, our testers tell us it really helps the tights sit well around those toddler/kid bellies!

Amanda Jones - IMG_0665
This girl came ready to play! Photo: Amanda @derivingmommyhood
Photo: Trish @5littledoodles

While the leg length of the tights doesn’t change, the yoga band does sit slightly higher on the belly than the fold over elastic.  Both come to a great height and give coverage for that pesky “plumber bum”, but the slight difference in waist height is something to keep in mind depending on the style or pairings you’re looking for.

We’ve also recommended that while the rest of the tights can be made with 50% stretch fabric, the yoga band should use a 70% stretch fabric.  We’ve made that band snug enough to help hold up the tights, but in some cases that doesn’t leave a lot of extra stretch to go up over the child’s bum (especially in cases where the hip measurement is a larger size on the size chart than the waist).  50% stretch fabric MAY still be possible when the HIP measurement (on the size chart) is the same or smaller than the corresponding waist measurement of your needed size.

These tights also come with 2 different length options.  The shorts come to a bit above mid thigh.

Dande Web-10
These sweet florals paired with a basic Dandelion Top are such a fun summer combo! Photo: Sherri @mamidesofiona

The full length tights are available in 3 different options.  A basic tight is the quickest sew of the 3 and who doesn’t love that?

Collin Horn - emmy6
These basic tights are a great staple for any wardrobe!  Photo: Collin @girlcollinsews
Axa Lima Francis - 32200210177_159a5b18ee_k
These tights were a great choice for this dance outfit! Photo: Axa

If you want to take it up a notch, an optional separate lower panel adds the chance to colour block.

Kyla Sorenson - inspiredbykyla-016
This sweet girl is showing us how awesome the colour blocked Rocky Shore tights look with the new Dandelion tank! Photo: Kyla
Jess Boaz-Head - DSC_1082
Florals and stripes are always a great idea!  Photo: Jess @giggles.and.love

And finally, that lower panel can be made to have the added feature of peek-a-boo windows along the outseam.

Maegan Raeside - 5986316B-2792-4D7F-9535-C3EF5B6D1696
We know we like florals and stripes, but these tights have convinced us florals and polka dots make a great pairing too! Photo: Maegan @maeraeside 
Emma Zobel - 20190217-IMG_7376-001
We love this colour palette. (PS – That beautiful mustard is just a peak of our popular Rhubarb tunic!) Photo: Emma @snowdropsews

These tights are on sale here until March 10.  We hope you’ll love them as much as we do, and we can’t wait to see what you make and how you pair them!




Kara Mooney - PSX_20190217_173625
Check out that range of motion!  (Tights AND girl!) Photo: Kara

See more about these tights in this post by Linsday of @PACountryCrafts.

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