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Blog Tour Kick-off

We are here!! I have been planning this event for MONTHS. Before we even headed out for the summer camping season I starting contacting bloggers and sponsors because I knew I wanted to make this special. I was so excited when people were not only happy to be a part of this, but downright excited!

We have been able to take these generous gifts from an amazing group of businesses and create 6 giveaways, 2 larger prize packages and a special store discount code from our sponsor, Fabric Snob. (Read more below.) The 6 giveaways are happening in the Sofiona Designs Fan Group over the next 2 weeks and the 2 prize packages are right here as a part of this blog tour. The winning names will be drawn on November 11. We might do a live video in our FB group for that, but no promises. Our internet is kinda sketchy.

Find the rafflecopter at the bottom of this post and in all the bloggers posts. Make sure you enter because those packages are great prizes. (Details listed below.) And make sure to check out all the businesses. There’s likely at least a couple you haven’t heard of before that will pleasantly surprise you. Especially with Christmas right around the corner. Hint, hint.

I need to take time to especially thank Fabric Snob and Minerva Crafts for sponsoring this blog and IG tour. With my dreams to have 20 people involved in this, it was so generous for them to agree to take part.

Fabric Snob is about as “local” as it gets for us up here in the boonies. They are fellow Manitobans and Trish and I have often commented on how much we love that connection. If you’re in their Fabric Snob Insiders group you’ll know that the ladies over there have that same quirky behaviour that Trish and I also function under. LOL We love “silly”. But we also love great fabric and the selection of fabrics is extensive, amazing quality and curated with great taste.

Fabric Snob is giving you 10% off their ENTIRE store all this week (Nov 4-10) as a special gift to you for this anniversary event. Use the code SOFIONA and you will NOT be disappointed. Every order we get is a treat to open and a lot of our Sofiona makes have some Snob in them.

Minerva is over on the other side of the globe and they jumped in with both feet and agreed to sponsor our bloggers outside of North America. With their incredible flat rate shipping all over the world, they take care of fabric needs and wants far and wide. A few of our testers are regular supporters and featured sewists of Minerva and have only good to say. You’ll hear all about it as you follow along this week.

Minerva has also added to one of the prize packages below as an extra way to give. Please check out their shop and their IG where you’ll see some of our testers showing their own makes in Minerva fabric.

So, here’s the plan for the week! Each day two bloggers will pair up to showcase one Sofiona pattern. We’re excited to see how they have made our pattern both as they were designed and then “hacked” with some personal style.

In the same way, 2 Instagrammers will be doing the same with different patterns over on IG. I don’t want to steal their thunder so I leave you with these collages of some of their makes and the link to their blog posts. We hope you enjoy their makes as much as we do. We’ve been purposely not looking too hard because we want to enjoy the ride along with you all.

Thank you to ALL the sponsors for joining in our Anniversary Celebration! Please participate in the Rafflecopter below for an opportunity to win one of the two prize packages listed below valued at over $150 each and join us in the Sofiona Designs Fan Group on Facebook for more giveaways, fun and to share your favourite Sofiona makes!

Prize Pack #1

Prize Pack #2

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