Bedrock Skirt

Who doesn’t love a good jean skirt? WE sure do so it was about time we added one to our lineup. Our hope is that it can become a good foundation for many Sofiona outfits. (Did you catch what I did there? “foundation”…..”bedrock” skirt…….if no one else I at least entertain myself.)

Classic denim mini skirts paired with Sofiona Designs sweaters.
Photo: Trish

The Bedrock Skirt is a typical jeanskirt style garment that looks great in many bottom weight fabrics such as denim, twill, and corduroy. Corduroy made a real comeback these last couple years didn’t it!?!?!!! We’ve come across so many gorgeous colours of it lately and feel like it pairs perfectly with this pattern.

Classic skirt made in twill, denim and corduroy with zipper fly.

0-10% stretch is recommended for this skirt, but slightly more stretch MAY work with a few other considerations/tweaks. The topstitching is great for structure and style but can also cause fabrics to stretch out if not careful. Use a walking foot and lengthened stitches to help avoid unwanted stretching. The waistband is another area you’ll want to be extra careful with or it could stretch (and stay stretched) out as well. Adding interfacing to the main band will help. Also be sure to feed it through the sewing machine along it’s natural curve. Don’t pull and straighten it while sewing.

Back, front and coin pockets are all optional so choose to include as many or as few as you like. An optional raw-edged pocket detail also curves along the front pocket opening to give some added interest.

Simple no pocket version of the Bedrock Skirt.
Simple no front and/or back pocket options. Left to Right: Heather, Kendel and Genevieve
Modern yet classic pink skirt with all the pocket options.
Kimberley used all the pocket options on this sweet pink skirt.
Great accent detail on the front pockets.  Includes belt loops for additional styling.
Left: Dagbjort Right: Randi

The front of the skirt features a faux fly for sizes 2-6 and a zipper fly for sizes 7-16. If the words “zipper fly” make you nervous please don’t be! We’ve broken it down step by step in the tutorial as well as created this YouTube video tutorial to check out along side it:

The faux fly leaves just enough of an opening to pull the skirt up, but if you’re making a size 5 or 6 waist and blending out more than 2 sizes bigger for the hip you’ll need to consider either making a zipper fly or leaving a slightly bigger opening to get the skirt on. A bigger opening will tend to gape a bit during wear, so consider a small hidden snap inside the fly area to help with that.

The waistband can then include either a snap or button closure above that.

Optional belt loops give the finishing touch to really make this skirt remind you of your favourite jeans.

I love the creative atmosphere during a pattern test. While Bedrock was in testing we saw some really creative ideas for embellishment. For example, Annedien wowed us when one morning we woke up to see pics of this skirt front:

Reverse applique inspiration for the Bedrock skirt.

While this design feature is one you won’t specifically find in the tutorial it IS one she explained the process of to us and we wanted to share with you here:

How to make a reverse applique detail on clothing patterns.

This was all done before the skirt was assembled so a couple things to keep in mind are to allow for the side seam allowance and hem allowance. Also note that there will be a topstitching line about 1 1/4″ up from the folded hem (if that will interfere in your design at all).

Amazing topstitching details on the Bedrock skirt.
Photo: Heather

Heather also shared this fun back pocket design and the method she used to achieve it:

How to add topstitching details to the back pockets of the Bedrock skirt.

One other great idea shared with us was from Lois. She had helped out with some earlier versions of the pattern where the waistband was a bit too big and wanted to make her test version still wearable for her granddaughter. While we HAVE addressed the waistband fit since that first version we thought it was still a really great hack option for anyone whose kids seem to change waist size/measurements daily, or just want the extra tension of an elastic in there.

Printed denim for a classic jean skirt.
Photo: Lois

Here’s what she did:

How to add button loop elastic to the Bedrock skirt.

We’re so excited to see what you do with this pattern to make it your own. Share your makes with us on Facebook or Instagram: #sofibedrock #sofionadesigns #bedrockinthewild

For now we’ll leave you with a little more inspiration!

Classic jean skirt in printed fabric.  Great wardrobe staple!
Photo: Michelle
Faux fly front jean skirt in fun printed fabric.
Photo: Britt
Modern print on a classic jean skirt. Perfect statement piece for any wardrobe!
photo: Laurel

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