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Two Cute Girls

It’s still Anniversary time for Simple Life Pattern co.  That means the sales are still going for a few more days. Till Feb 25, to be exact. The code for 40% off pre-2018 releases is HAPPYTHREE and the new releases are 20%. The pictures are everywhere! So much inspiration.

Here’s a post about the Emma. It’s a pre-2018 release which means 40%!!! Go get it!


I made these 2 versions of Emma last summer and it was the perfect opportunity to do a friend photo shoot. These two cuties met in kindergarten. Since I’ve switched to homeschooling, they don’t get to play together as much, but thanks to a very small town, they still see each other every week at the library for Lego playing.

I tried to keep one dress “true to pattern” and then accidentally flipped the herringbone pattern vertical. Oops. But can you tell I still had some fun with trim?


The other one still is one of my favourite makes to date. I completely changed the front bodice while still using the herringbone inspiration. I raised the neckline to one of my preferred shapes and that was all about having space to showcase the piecing on the front. You can see all sorts of scraps from favourite dresses before this. And in that bodice you can also see where my colour choices lie!!

Poor girl and her bug bites!

Some chambray made a very suitable pairing for the gathered skirt. And for the other one, I made a circle-skirt (not part of the pattern).


One of the new 2018 patterns is a circle skirt add-on for the Molly. Katie was hoping to make it suitable for the Emma as well, which is where this all started, but the pattern wasn’t easily transferable to both bodices. It’s too bad, but I wouldn’t be surprised if an add-on for Emma showed up in the future. For this time, I just “made it work” and it sure is a cute combo.

This is a picture of the Molly that the add-on IS for!! Another great 40% option.

Of course, I HAVE to show you the back of these dresses.


The Emma is available in a full back or this beautiful variation. I am in love with it. It just makes me smile.


I am STILL kicking myself for completely forgetting to get some shots of the side of this bodice. You can see on the left side that I continued the herringbone around the side and on the front the white peeks around the right side. I was so impressed with how I was able to get it to flow through the side seam and then didn’t get a good pic. URG!!



And finally, here’s a look at the bias-tape hemline. When using wovens for a circle skirt, this is, by far, my favourite way to hem. Becca has written a blog post on how to do this on the Simple Life blog!

There you have it! These pictures have been waiting a LONG time to make a proper appearance. They remind me that I should do another pieced dress again. At this point in my life, it’s the closest I come to quilting.

This post contain affiliate links. Use them to your heart’s content. They bring me a few dollars here and there, but without changing your own prices.

Lots of these fabrics are Art Gallery!! No surprise there. Both dresses have been given some chambray for a bit of texture variation too.





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