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Today I have been TIRED!! To the point of an actual nap. The kind that when you wake up you are so super groggy. Well, one look in my email to see that the Art Gallery Fabrics Mediterraneo lookbook is out woke me right up! I always love looking through them the moment they show up in my email. More so when I’m looking for my own pictures!

Those who know me well know that I have been craving the opportunity to sew for one of the lookbooks for AGF. When it comes to sewing for my girls, I gravitate to the many beautiful fabrics that AGF carries. Once I started sewing with them there was no turning back.

So I’ve decided to write up a quick blog post showcasing the makes I put together. (It’s been a good while since I’ve written any posts!)


I’ll start with this travel bag set that I decided to sew up for my husband. He isn’t often on the receiving end of my sewing. (Once. He was once.) But this fabric really lends itself to a more masculine project.

The Cartographe fabric was especially fun to work with and had me thinking of previous trips to the mediterranean. I couldn’t help but stare at the map thinking of another trip and deciding where I should go !

For this first bag I used this free “Dad’s Travel Bag” tutorial by Polkadot Chair blog. It’s a good sized bag that could fit a pair of shoes or a good amount of shirts or whatever else you might want. I accented with some AGF denim which was my first time working with that substrate. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I will be using more of that in the future for sure.

The next thing I made was this smaller toiletries sized bag. I didn’t use an actual tutorial, but I did get my inspiration from this free blog post. A little Google translate help and I got the basic idea. What makes this bag special is that it was my first try at EPP or English Paper Piecing which is a quilting style that I’ve become a bit more familiar with as I see it in my IG feed. I recently did a girls weekend with some other sewing friends and they gave me a little help getting started and here you have my first attempt! I also love that fussy cut lining that you can see inside.


This laundry bag just might be my favourite one of the bags. I made this one up as I went along and if I wasn’t pressed for time I would have done a tutorial. Maybe in the future I can do that still. You can see the peek of the Honeycomb Nectar fabric that I used for all the bags as well as the Shell Blaze in the Blue colourway. Some twill tape for the tie and some machine embroidery to finish it off. I love it!

I used to make a lot of bags and it was a nice walk down memory lane to make these. They go together nice and quick and are always fun to embellish as you like.


After that, it’s all about what is “normal” for me these days. Clothes for the girls.



This was my favourite of all the makes, if I’m honest. The Lantana Teal cotton is my favourite of the fabrics and it really just suited this Adelaide dress by VFT perfectly. It’s accented in the Aubergine colourway of the Shell Blaze fabric that I used on the bags.


Next up was something for the older girlie. And since she needs clothes, she got 2 tops and a pair of capris out of that denim. I just love the weight of that denim! The pattern used for the capris is the Emilya Skinny Pant. It was very purposeful to have those a neutral item to be used with various tops. Although, what you can’t see is that inside those pockets is a pop of aubergine. Because I can.


The top is made from the rayon offering of this collection. The Frutteria Blue is a close second for my favourites in this line. This particular pattern is in a testing phase for someone so we’ll just keep that on the down low. K?


That’s all for what you saw (cuz you looked, right?) in the lookbook. But I did make one more.


The capris, you know about. This top is my knit make for this group of projects. Do you recognize it a bit from the dress up top? This is the Lantana Cobalt also available in cotton. Obviously I loved this fabric enough to use both colourways.


The pattern is another Simple Life Pattern company pattern. Drafted for wovens I have actually only made this Patricia hi lo top in knits! I added the ruffle at the neck for something different. She loves wearing this one! And it’s going to fit for a long time yet! Woohoo!

That’s all for now. I’ll leave you with a few more pictures and, again, I hope you enjoy the look book. The quilts in there are truly gorgeous and you really should go check out the whole collection. Enjoy!!

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3 thoughts on “Mediterraneo Fabrics

  1. Those bags are so good. I didn’t even know you did bags. That rayon looks great! I have two prints in AG rayon and I’m waiting for the “perfect” projects for them. Great job with all of these!!

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