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Sew Your Stash

Little secret? I had totally planned to enter this for Circus week in the Project Run and Play sew-along. I figured ice-cream shirt = circus food or something like that. But further thinking and I realized that this was suitable for Sew Your Stash week. Why am I telling you this? I just gave away how I pretty much faked my way into this theme. Well, here’s the thing. The OCD, perfectionist, over-achiever part of me is appalled at myself. Not only did I enter something last week that I, gasp, did not make this month (or even this year), but now I’m posting something that wasn’t intended specifically for this theme. Am I cheating!??


Answer – Maybe. I mean, no! At least, I don’t think it should matter. I’m trying to encourage those of you out there that also suffer from this same ridiculous strive for perfection to take the chance to simply join a sew-along because it’s fun! I did the full contestant version and, yes, there I had BETTER do my best and think it all through 80 times over. But now I get to, or I SHOULD, chill out and simply enter in and keep building this fun community I’ve grown to love over the last year and a bit. It’s my privilege to stretch my interpretation of a theme now and again and it’s yours too! Unless you’re a contestant! Then get your butt in gear! 🙂

Of course, I can’t win the sew-along prizes being a judge and all, but you can! There are 2 Hey June patterns up for grabs that I will highly recommend based on my last sew for myself. You may have seen my pants recently posted on IG. And then a $40 gift certificate for fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics which is one of the stores that I first started ordering from WAY back when I really took up sewing in earnest. They have some fabulous fabric options that I drool over often.

So, now that you have full disclosure on how I fudge my way through themed sew-alongs …… isn’t this cute?!


This ice cream inspired fabric is from Art Gallery’s Boardwalk Delight collection by Dana Willard and it has been in my stash for quite awhile. I pulled it out with the intentions of pairing it with something I needed for a different blog post. I realized before I started that it probably wasn’t going to work, but I am in love with dolman sleeves and once I got it in my head to make up this pattern, there was no going back.


It’s the Feliz Dress/Blouse by Straight Grain. My final look for my own season of PRP was brought to you in part by Straight Grain with the Moiano Coat variation that I made. This particular pattern comes with a LOT of options so I could’ve made it work for what I needed, but then I wouldn’t have these amazing dolman sleeves.


I repurposed a zipper for the back, which makes me feel a bit better about one more element that could be considered “on theme”. I was pretty impressed with how close I came to matching some words across that zipper. I needed about 1/4″ more, but hey! That’s close!

Oops! The ice cream dropped

The pants are from Simple Life Pattern Company and are the Emilya Pants. I’ve used this pattern a few times already. The fabric for these were a random find from the clearance section at Fabricland awhile ago. They have a bit of a shine to them that little girls that love pink are sure to appreciate.

And that is all. I didn’t spend hours recreating or refashioning. I simply made a super cute top and decided it was going to be my entry for this week. Now, what’s yours? Head here to link up. Or at least take a look at those who have. It’s like a secret treasure trove of sewing talent and it’s where I’ve gotten inspiration for years now.


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16 thoughts on “Sew Your Stash

  1. This is so cute! Now I just want to copy you and use up that Dr Suess material with the book titles in my stash! I’d better not use that for my sewalong entry though …or could I? 😜 Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. I wanted to participate in the sew along but it’s coming right at the end of the school year and my life is a zoo. Oh, and I decided to make myself a sewing priority for a little bit so I didn’t work on anything for the girls. But! I did just finish a top for Valérie so if I can get a picture of it before the week is up, I’ll enter it. I would have preferred to make a full outfit but the top is 100% her choices and they aren’t inspiring me at all…


    1. That’s cool to hear about doing more for yourself! I’m also trying to do that. And for this week, those pants were also not made this year 🙄 so I get the feeling of wanting to enter a full outfit and not just a top. I was going to make some shorts that would’ve been quick, but she has NO need for more shorts and these pants were actually made by me so I let my brain rest on that.


  3. The outfit is wonderful! Your daughter is adorable and she looks great in hats! Thank you for encouraging everyone to post pics in the sew-along contests. I identify with the OCD perfectionist tendencies…..a lot! It is why everything takes so long for me to finish. Thank you!

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    1. This kid! I shake my head and tell her she looks TOO cute. LOL I love the hats on her. And, yes, sometimes we need to fight that perfectionism. It has it’s place, but it needs to calm down once in awhile.


    1. Horror at our house yesterday when she shows me a rip starting straight down the front of the shirt!!! My girls don’t understand that woven shirts do not come off like knit ones!!


  4. Great top and perfect for summer. And I appreciate you sharing your habits…the themes inspire me but sometimes my calendar doesn’t cooperate. It’s why I sew simple projects instead of getting involved in so many details. Well, that and my two year old isn’t really ready for details yet 🙂


  5. Thank you sooo much for taking time to participate! It’s not hard at all. Next week I’m going to sew along, even though I’m not eligible to win either. And I have this fabric in my stash too…except in knit!!!

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