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Circus Act!!

Oh man! Here I am, hours before a Project Run and Play sew-along deadline submitting my own entry. What’s new? That’s kinda how I roll. (Even though I don’t prefer that method.) The funny part? I didn’t even sew this recently so my excuse for submitting this now is a bit weak. Just a bit though.

Now. So sad,  but I’m not in the running for the prize this week as I’m one of the judges for the season. However, I’m not letting that stop me from joining in when I can. Even if it means pulling out some old makes. How about you? Are you letting silly stuff like “It’s not made this week.” stop you from throwing something in the ring? (Wait. Is that a circus reference??) I hope you’re not! Join in the fun!! The prizes for the sew along are no joke!

Can you tell we’ve been losing teeth around here?

Life has kept me from sewing lately, however, this outfit is “new” to this girlie. And her sister didn’t wear it a whole lot so it’s also in fairly “new” condition. To me, this outfit lends itself well to the “Circus” theme for the week so we pulled it out of the dirty laundry, grabbed a hula hoop and cute shoes and went out to take some pictures last night.


It’s these tights that read Trick Rider or Circus Act. They are the Dressage Leggings by Jennuine Design. She’s a previous Project Run and Play contestant, if you didn’t already know that. Way back in Season 8. I paired some stretch faux leather from Girl Charlee with some AGF knit for these super cool tights. If I was a kid, I’d totally wear these all the time.


The top is one of my very first (or actually maybe it WAS the first!) Simple Life Pattern that I made. It’s the Mia Tie-back Top. I’ve also made this in the maxi dress version, but this top is just too cute. I widened the skirt portion for more fullness and used a beautiful fabric with a scalloped edge along the bottom edge. The pops of colour are very “me”. Of course those ARE two of my very favourite colours.

I hope you enjoy a couple pictures and, more importantly, feel at least a little encouraged by the fact that not all of us have time to make fresh outfits for each week, but we can have some fun with previously made outfits too!


Some affiliate links have been used. They don’t affect your buying experience, but they do give a little towards my own hobby. So thanks! 😊



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