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PR&P Opens Shop: The Aster Cardigan

Have you already heard of the new pattern store that Audrey has opened as part of her vision for Project Run and Play? Perhaps you’ve already been enjoying the blog tour as we introduce the patterns now for sale. This store is a place for past and future designers to sell their patterns that are reflections of outfits they create(d) during their season! For now there are about 17 patterns in the store to choose from, but you can expect more to be added.

Shop Tour Graphic

As you can see there’s lot happening! Weekly sales and a Giveaway that ends August 1. And check out all those names! All of us are taking part in introducing all the patterns that are available now. Make sure you check them out. Head to the main PR&P page for all the official introductions. It’s a pretty stellar crowd, if you ask me.

But first!!!…..

Today I’m introducing the Aster Cardigan by LBG Studio which you will find here. I went searching around the PRP site to see what I could find out about this piece because it was before my time in the online sewing world. Lo and behold, there is was. Vanessa created this for her first look way back in Season 6. I thought it was fun to check out the entries and see how styles have changed since then. This cardigan, however, is pretty timeless.


I made the size 8 for my daughter and I probably could’ve sized up one, but with a simple tank this is a perfect fit. We love 3/4 length sleeves in our house so this was a great make for us. I only had 2 buttons that would match instead of the 3 that the pattern is designed for so you can see that simply spacing them out a touch more will still work.


This pattern is a knit pattern and that means a comfortable, easy-wear cardigan. I was happy to grab this Art Gallery “Eat it Up” fabric I’ve had sitting in my stash for awhile. I think we can all agree it’s very satisfying to use up pieces we already have. It was a 1 yd cut and that was all I needed.


You can see on this next picture a tiny peek of the inside corner. I really appreciate the finishing. I felt it was clean on the inside and that’s important to me.


Please head on over to the Project Run and Play Store and see what else is going on this week as we celebrate the month long Grand Opening of the shop!

Outerwear and layering patterns now available and ON SALE for 20% off during this week! No code needed. A perfect time to grab up some of these patterns.

OH, and I didn’t forget the giveaway!


Enter with this link. There are 5 prizes to be won.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


2 thoughts on “PR&P Opens Shop: The Aster Cardigan

  1. It is fun to see how styles have changed over time! This is such a classic style. It will be a good pattern to keep handy in your stash. 😀

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