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It’s a Starry Night

We haven’t properly introduced our Starry Night PJs to you yet! And when we decided to do a sew-a-long featuring this pattern, we figured it was time! So have a read about this pattern and then we will discuss the sew-a-long with prize details from So Sew English Fabrics.

The Starry Night PJ’s are a perfect staple for any little girls summer wardrobe (although they CAN work for anytime of year.  Our girls love to wear theirs year round paired with their Arctic Fox housecoats)!

Group Fox Small-7
This is one of the coziest pairings a kid could ask for!  photo:  Sherri @mamidesofiona

The racerback style bodice gives these PJs a unique look compared to traditional pajama tops.

Kyla Sorenson - inspiredbykyla-005
Kyla’s stripes and florals version of the separate top/bottoms was the perfect pairing for her older girl.  We love how elegant these look. (PJs can be elegant……right??!?!?)

Options for the Starry Nights include either a full length nightgown, or a separate top/bottoms.  Both versions include the option for a little ruffle across the front bodice.

Rebecca Barber - DSC_0233
Rebecca chose to include the optional ruffle on her sweet nightgown version.
Kiran Kaur - Kiran_SN4
Kiran detailed her version with a piece of lace in place of the optional ruffle.

The nightgown can be made as a straight ‘dress’, or with a ruffled bottom (options for either a single or double layered ruffle).

Aukje Leufkens - Foto 7b
Photo:  Aukje
Photo:  Trish @5littledoodles

The separate top/bottoms come with the option for various pant lengths.  Full length, capri length, or short length. The shorts and capri lengths include an optional hem ruffle.

Sara (@sewverysara) made this adorable double set of PJs!  A simple nightgown, and separate top with pants.
Candice Thiessen - Sonya4
Candice made up this cozy set using the capris length pants.
The sweet little ruffle on the bottom of these shorts helps bring the whole outfit together.  (Trish @5littledoodles)

For this pattern we’ve recommended using a 4-way stretch fabric, with good recovery.  However, we did have one tester try out some 2-way stretch flannel with success!  If you do choose to attempt a 2-way stretch just be very sure the stretch is going across the width of the pattern pieces as the stretch will be necessary when attempting to put the top/nightgown on!

Tandy Smedberg - IMG_0007 (2)
This princess fabric is actually a 2 way stretch flannel.  Photo:  Tandy @designersmed

And now for something new and exciting for Sofiona Designs! With summer around the corner, we’ve decided to feature the Starry Night pattern in a Sew-A-Long (to be hosted by one of our amazing testers, Lindsay, of PA Country Crafts)!  This is a great opportunity to grab the Starry Night pattern OR the PJ Bundle on sale (March 25 – April 1), and then to sew it up at the same time as other sewists (April 1 – 7).

We’ve broken it down into a few steps per day with the specific steps being posted each morning.  We will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have along the way.  Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re sewing along with a group of other sewists. Sometimes it’s nice to know there’s help available. And sometimes it’s just nice to actually have a deadline!  (I’m pretty good at ‘sew-crastinating’ otherwise!)

sse logo

Sewing for the fun of it is great, but who doesn’t also love the chance to win a prize??!??! So Sew English Fabrics has generously donated a $40 gift certificate to accompany a Sofiona Designs pattern of choice for the first place winner of the sew-a-long, and second place will be walking away with 2  Sofiona Desings patterns (of their choosing).  More details on how to enter will be made available as the sew-a-long week progresses!  We hope to see you there!

Amanda  Jones - IMG_8431.JPG
Gorgeous nightgown in So Sew English fabric by Amanda @derivingmommyhood


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