The Natural Canvas Part 1

It’s been a long while since I’ve been in my sewing room, but we are back and today I’m giving you the first look at a different project we’ve been working on. Part 2 coming in a few days.

I’m introducing Sofiona’s first pattern contribution to the “Project Art Studio” pattern collaboration for Project Run and Play. Real quick for those who are newer to Sofiona – Project Run and Play is a big part of us even existing as a pattern company. I competed as a designer for Season 14 in this super fun and extremely challenging sewing competition. It stretched my sewing skills in all the good ways and gave me confidence to try my hand at design. It was an incredible experience that I recommend to others who have a love for hacking patterns.

Since that season, PR&P has opened their own pattern store and Sofiona Designs was invited to participate in the newest collection with 2 of our already loved patterns: Haze Dress and Rocky Shore Tights. These patterns can now also be purchased individually on their website store OR get the whole Project Art Studio collection.

Young girl wearing an avocado coloured linen dress called Haze by Sofiona Designs.

This collection is all about art and how we see art in the world. You KNOW with Sofiona that we take our cues from northern Canadian landscape and so “The Natural Canvas” was a clear winner when we sat down to think about our take on this theme.

Young girl reflected in a mirror in teh woods wearing a linen dress called Haze by Sofiona Designs.

I’ve “framed” my art along one of my favourite stretches of trail close to our home. In just a few weeks now, people will be flying down this treed hallway in all sort of sleds and snowmobiles as they enjoy this natural playground. But in the all too short season of fall, before the snow falls, the colours of this carpeted corridor are simply magical to me and I’m always drawn to this space. What better place to show this linen Haze dress?

Young girl wearing a linen dress called Haze by Sofiona Designs.

Haze was born out of a desire to have an easy to wear dress that can be worn for picnics and playtime while also looking very sweet and elegant. It also pairs so well with linens and my new found love of this fabric is well satisfied in this pattern.

Young girl showing off the hand embroidery on a linen dress called Haze by Sofiona Designs.

So we’ve seen how nature IS the perfect canvas behind our sewn art. Now let’s point to how nature was placed ON the canvas which is this Haze dress.

Young girl showing off the hand embroidery inside a frame on a linen dress called Haze by Sofiona Designs.

After quite awhile searching through Pinterest and Etsy looking at hand embroidered foliage, I ended up with these tall, leggy wildflowers. Is there anything quite like embroidery on linen? I think not. It’s a match made in textile heaven.

Hand embroidered flowers along the hem of a linen dress with deep pleats. Designed by Sofiona Designs.

The hemline pleats of the Haze dress are usually all pressed downward… as are these… but you’ll notice I added some scalloped lace between the top 2 pleats and topstitched the top pleat in place. I loved the chance to dress this up with a little lace.

Young girl holding a frame behind her showcasing the beautiful back of her  linen dress called Haze by Sofiona Designs.

Moving to the back of Haze, the loaded version of this dress includes decorative pin tucks in the deep V feature space. This time I pulled out some of my favourite floral fabric and let it be the star. I added some of the same scalloped lace from the skirt pleats along the top of the back V section.

Young girl standing in the woods wearing a linen dress called Haze by Sofiona Designs.

Just a little shout out to my amazing model. My own girls are now outside of this size range, but this sweet girlie came by our garage sale this fall and was simply smitten with all the girlie shoes and jewellery. She couldn’t contain her excitement for all the things and I couldn’t help but take full enjoyment in watching her. When I started thinking about who I was going to sew a Haze for, I quickly remembered her and was pretty sure she was going to love a new dress. Not only was I right, but she knocked this whole photo shoot straight out of the park. We’ve got a natural model here who gave me just as many ideas as I gave her!!

Young girl holding a frame wearing a linen dress called Haze by Sofiona Designs.

For your visual reference, I’m including a picture of the shirt version of Haze so you can see this is super cute as a top as well. And this gives you a peak of the pin tuck option for that back V section as well.

Tween girl wearing a woven top called Haze by Sofiona Designs.

Finally, here’s a look at the whole collection. Can you spot the 2 Sofiona patterns? Do you see anything else that you want to make? Be sure to head to the store to check it all out. And keep your eyes open for the next look at Sofiona’s contribution to this collection. Coming soon.

Line drawings of the Project Art Studio pattern collections by Project Run and Play.

Are you on IG or FB? Find more of these makes using #projectartstudio and #projectrunandplay or follow our own hashtag for Haze #sofihaze #sofionadesigns

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3 thoughts on “The Natural Canvas Part 1

    1. Sew for you!!! 😊 Just start with a basic pattern and these days the PDF patterns guide you through the process in ways that the old Fabricland patterns never did. You’ll likely surprise yourself.


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