The Natural Canvas, Part 2

Have you been following the “Project Art Studio” blog tour so far??!?! Project Run & Play has brought together a group of makers and designers to curate a collection of patterns perfect for fall. You can purchase individual patterns or grab the whole collection for an overall discount in their store. Sofiona Designs has had the honor of contributing 2 patterns to the collection and today we’re giving you a look at the second one – the Rocky Shore tights in girls size 2-16. (To see more about our first contribution, the Haze top/dress, check out “The Natural Canvas, Part 1” post.)

Back when our oldest children were still itty bitty Sherri and myself (Trish) both found our families leaving the more urban and farmland areas in the south of our province and moving to the more remote northern reaches deep in the boreal forest. In the last 14+ years we’ve never stopped being amazed by the beauty around us and extreme varieties with the coming and going of seasons. Fall is a favourite for sure, but it tends to last only a few short weeks from the first leaves turning ’til the first snow flies (ask me what frigid loveliness is coating the ground even as I type this……..). As you may notice with Sofiona Designs our esthetic and pattern names all take inspiration from the land where we live and so our chosen theme (within the “Project Art Studio” theme) HAD to be “The Natural Canvas”.

With a name like “Rocky Shore” tights you would imagine we have some actual rocky shorelines around…..and you’d be right. There are a lot! The main (but optional) feature on these tights are the little peek-a-boo windows along the calf. Those windows make us picture grabbing a stone from the shore and skipping it across one of the many lakes that surround us.

Sitting on rock with knit tights.  Accent details on tights.
Fall outfit for girl.  Tights and tunic PDF sewing patterns from Sofiona Designs.

These tights come with 2 waistline options. The first is a folded down elastic waist (ie – The elastic gets sewn onto the tights before folding the top edge down and topstitching. No casing and twisting here!) The second option is a cross over yoga band. I personally love the look of this band and almost always choose this option. There’s enough negative ease on the band that it really does help hold the tights up too.

Cross over yoga waistband on girls tights or leggings PDF sewing pattern.

For this particular pair of tights I did ALL the piecing but chose to use just one fabric for a more subtle look. To add a little extra “Natural Canvas” art to my daughter’s look I used the tights fabric along with a couple other co-ordinating shades and created a forest applique on her tunic. While not a part of this particular collection, this pattern IS available on the PR&P website as well. It’s the Aurora Raglan also by Sofiona Designs.

Fall PDF sewing pattern for girls.  Tights and tunic from Sofiona Desigs.

So how about you? What are you sewing for fall? How can you add a little extra “art” to your look/your photo shoot? You can find more inspiration and makes from the entire Project Art Studio Collection on IG and FB by searching #projectartstudio and #projectrunandplay or check out our own hashtag for the Rocky Shore tights #sofirockyshore #sofionadesigns. We hope you can also find inspiration in the world around you and that you’ll share with us!

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Line drawings for Project Art Studio pattern collection from Project Run and Play.

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