Introducing the Bonfire Hoodie Pattern

Who doesn't love a nice cozy sweater? With this in mind and in keeping with the Sofiona style of fun angles and details, I set out to design one. For any new project we usually begin with a basic vision and a name. I had a vision, but I needed a name! I wanted something that would evoke those cozy feelings, but also sort of work together with the Rocky Shore Tights name (because this hoodie was meant to pair perfectly with them). After some deliberation we settled on "Bonfire". Can you picture it? A cozy bonfire by the rocky shore on a cool Canadian evening?!?!?!

Bindings · Tutorial · Waistbands

Quartering Necklines, Cuffs, Ruffles Etc.

In the case of the bands/cuffs you will need to stretch them to match their corresponding pieces. But how can you be sure you've stretched them evenly across the garment? And gathered skirts/ruffles (as the name implies) need to be gathered down to size to match their corresponding pieces. Again - how can you be sure to gather and distribute them in more even amounts?