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Using a Patterns’ Lengthen/Shorten line

It's no surprise to say that everyone comes in a different shape/size.  One of the benefits of sewing your own, or your kids, clothes is that you can customize the pattern to your exact requirements!  Today we're going to show you how to use a pattern's lengthen/shorten line to obtain the length you need. In… Continue reading Using a Patterns’ Lengthen/Shorten line

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Quartering Necklines, Cuffs, Ruffles Etc.

Today we have a new tutorial, which probably means a new pattern coming soon!!! Sometimes when joining two parts of a pattern you may be required to deal with pieces that are not an exact size match.  Some examples of this would be neckbands, waistbands or cuffs (which are often slightly smaller than the pieces… Continue reading Quartering Necklines, Cuffs, Ruffles Etc.