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Quartering Necklines, Cuffs, Ruffles Etc.

In the case of the bands/cuffs you will need to stretch them to match their corresponding pieces. But how can you be sure you've stretched them evenly across the garment? And gathered skirts/ruffles (as the name implies) need to be gathered down to size to match their corresponding pieces. Again - how can you be sure to gather and distribute them in more even amounts?

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Preparing Bias Tape

We have two basic methods for preparing bias tape. (In our example we are making 1 1/2" tape; which refers to the overall width of the bias fabric strip before folding, however this same method can be applied to any width of bias tape.) Both methods work well when you either have only smaller sections of fabric to work with, or don't want to cut across the bias of an entire length of fabric. Small bias strips can be combined to create one longer section of bias tape.