Raven Meet Rhubarb

If you've seen the Raven dress, you'll recognize the Rhubarb. Or vice versa??? Long ago now, when I first started dreaming this pattern up, it was this knit sweater dress style that was first in my mind. Then things just kept going, I thought about woven versions and the Raven was born and released first. Now I'm SO excited to finally have this version, the Rhubarb, also available and it is everything I dreamed of!

Bindings · Tutorial · Waistbands

Quartering Necklines, Cuffs, Ruffles Etc.

In the case of the bands/cuffs you will need to stretch them to match their corresponding pieces. But how can you be sure you've stretched them evenly across the garment? And gathered skirts/ruffles (as the name implies) need to be gathered down to size to match their corresponding pieces. Again - how can you be sure to gather and distribute them in more even amounts?