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The PR&P Rainbow

This week marks the end of the 7 week link-up over on the Project Run and Play site. Audrey had the idea to use the weeks between seasons to host a fun link-up. One week for each colour of the rainbow. You have this week to add your purple makes yet before it’s done. This first picture of this purple coat is still so special to me. It’s long past fitting either of my girlies. We’ve given one to my niece. The other one is still here. Hanging on.

“Red, orange, yellow, green, blue. Don’t forget there’s purple too! Rainbow colours for me and you!!” 🎶 Does anyone else thank Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the song to help you remember the order of colours in the rainbow?

It was a fun exercise to take part each week to see what I use. I was surprised to find that my favourite colour (mustard yellow) was my least used!! However, if we were posting MY clothes…. that would have turned out a bit different.

Here’s a look at what my own rainbow looked like.


As I went through adding these just now, I found more, of course. And, yes, they were greens and blues. Although that first week I could have added a bunch of pink. Not sure why I didn’t…

I also like looking through and seeing how many different pattern designers have had their hand in influencing my style and teaching me how to sew. I still feel like I have learned SO much from the PDF pattern world. The tutorial style is really so good for learning from.

Anyway. I hope that some of you joined in or at least had some fun looking through the hundreds of entries!

Next month there is a brand new season of Project Run and Play. The notices have already started. If you want to keep in the loop, head over and sign up for the emails from Audrey. I can tell you that they are not at all overwhelming to your inbox. I know that’s sometimes a concern. There’s at least one contestant that I was, personally, hoping to see and she’s there! And a few I have never heard of. It’s amazing how wide this on-line sewing community really is.

I hope you join us and especially if you sew! I hope you will join in on some of the link-ups for the 4 themes of the season. Of course, those are a secret still. 😉

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