Raven Meet Rhubarb

If you've seen the Raven dress, you'll recognize the Rhubarb. Or vice versa??? Long ago now, when I first started dreaming this pattern up, it was this knit sweater dress style that was first in my mind. Then things just kept going, I thought about woven versions and the Raven was born and released first. Now I'm SO excited to finally have this version, the Rhubarb, also available and it is everything I dreamed of!

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Quartering Necklines, Cuffs, Ruffles Etc.

In the case of the bands/cuffs you will need to stretch them to match their corresponding pieces. But how can you be sure you've stretched them evenly across the garment? And gathered skirts/ruffles (as the name implies) need to be gathered down to size to match their corresponding pieces. Again - how can you be sure to gather and distribute them in more even amounts?

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PR&P Opens Shop: The Aster Cardigan

Have you already heard of the new pattern store that Audrey has opened as part of her vision for Project Run and Play? Perhaps you've already been enjoying the blog tour as we introduce the patterns now for sale. This store is a place for past and future designers to sell their patterns that are reflections… Continue reading PR&P Opens Shop: The Aster Cardigan